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Why do I need to sign up or sign in to shop?

The reason we are here is to raise money for the causes you care about. In order to do this, we must know who you are and who you’re earning for so we can make your purchases make a difference.

Why do I need a password for sign up but not for sign in?

You’ll use your password to access your reports to see how much you’ve earned on the Online Mall. We only need to identify you by your email so you can shop the Online Mall to earn. If you have an existing eScrip account, your data can only be accessed from after signing in with your username and password used to create your eScrip account.

What if I have an old eScrip account but I can’t remember my password and I didn’t have an email address associated with my eScrip account?

Just sign up for a new account at the Online Mall, with your current email address to start shopping right away. You’ll still earn for your selected school or nonprofit, and you’ll be able to access Online Mall earning reports.

What if I forgot my username or password?

Go to Select the link that says “forgot password?”

If your email we have in your account is out of date and you need to update your password, you will need to contact us.

What is the difference between my eScrip username or ID and my Online Mall username?

Your eScrip supporter ID is your unique identifier within our program - if you signed up with eScrip, and you didn’t create your account in the Online Mall (older accounts may not have an email registered at all). At the Online Mall, our email address is your username and is all you need to start shopping and earning. Use your email and the password you created during sign up at the Online Mall to access your Online Mall earning reports.

What will my email address be used for?

Our main way of communicating with you is email so we ask for your email address so that we can provide you with your account information, updates to the program, and to promote new ways you can earn. We respect your privacy and will never share, exchange, distribute, license or sell your information.

You can manage your email preferences and update your email address from the “Update Information” link within my eScrip.

How do I edit or add schools and nonprofits that I support?

You may select up to three organizations to support at any given time (always a minimum of one). Select the link called “Schools & Nonprofits“ in my eScrip to add or edit your selection of organizations. Your earnings will be divided equally between any organizations you’ve elected to support.

What if I cannot find the organization I want to support?

Select another organization for the time being. Then contact us to submit a request for an organization that is not yet in our database.

Why can’t I view the current month in my reports?

Statements are compiled 30 days after month’s end. If you believe there is an error in your earnings reports, please contact us.

My reports are not tracking my purchases. Why?

If you are missing transactions from Safeway or Vons & Pavilions, please call their Club Card Center at (877) 723-3929. The most common cause is that your phone number isn’t linked to your registered Club Card. If this has happened let the Club Card Center know you’d like to recieve retroactive credits.

For Online Mall purchases, these may take up to 90 days or longer to record. Make sure you’ve made qualifying purchases, and that you have installed AutoEarn to your favorite browser to automatically record purchases or make sure you are logged in to eScrip, and shop using the Online Mall links.

For Amazon purchases to track and earn, you must always access Amazon directly from the Online Mall website.

How do I participate in additional eScrip programs like grocery club cards and the Dining Rewards program?

You’ll find participating merchants and then add or update cards in you account to increase your earnings from shopping or dining out. Select “Cards and Phone Numbers” from my eScrip. Then add or update cards in the fields provided. Adding your cards to your account from my eScrip is done using a secure sever so your data is encrypted and secure.

It is best to provide us with the club or community card number and then add in your phone number used at check out.

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