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Web Administrator Instructions


The eScrip Online Mall is a collection of over 1,000 online merchants where supporters of your group can shop online at the same websites they have come to know and trust. Normally, supporters would have to visit the eScrip website first to access the mall but now a direct link to the Online Mall can be hosted on your group's website. There are two options for doing so:

1. Use the "HTML Generator" code to create an image reference (hosted at escrip.com) on your site of the eScrip Online Mall graphic with your group's ID coded in the hyperlink. eScrip Online Mall - Earn Effortlessly
2. Use the "URL Generator" to create the URL with your group's ID coded in the hyperlink to link from text (such as "click here") or if you would like to link from your own image.


1. Begin by using the "Group Search" below to add your Group ID's to the HTML and URL generator. You can search on any of the available options by clicking on the appropriate radio button and entering all or part of the search criteria.
2. On the Search Results page select the group you want to add by clicking the name of the group. Your selection will be confirmed by the Message "You have selected the following groups" with an option to delete a group if necessary.
3. Once the first group is selected, you have the option to add more groups in the "Group Search" box (many groups have more than one group associated with them such as sports teams, PTA, debate, etc.).
4. After you have selected your group(s), the appropriate HTML or URL is available for you to copy and paste into your website.

Style Guide and link location considerations

1. To get the most out of your online mall, add the image or link to the visible area of the browser without scrolling on your group's home or fundraising page.
2. Allow at least ¼" of white space around the image reference
3. Ideally the image dimensions should not be stretched or altered


The most common problem in using the HTML Generator is website software (wysiwyg editors) modifying the HTML code with special characters (%20%, etc.). The HTML code must be used exactly as is provided in the HTML Generator. If this happens, try to edit the code once pasted into your site by removing the special characters. If your software continues to modify the code, we suggest you copy the image from this page (or use text, such as "click here to visit the Online Mall") and use the URL generator instead.

If you have questions, send an inquiry to imageposting@escrip.com with the subject line "Online Mall Webmaster Instructions".

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